All your most important metrics at a glance

Know your revenue, profit, sales, refunds, repeat purchase rate, visits, conversion rate,
and more. See what the number are now and how they are predicted to look by the end
of the month, as well as how it compares to the previous month and even next month.

Analyze your sales and stay on top of your business

  For any time period see all  
  your sales metrics, such as revenue, 
  net profit, amount sold, refunds,  
  average order value, and more. 
  SavvyCube automatically calculates  
  how the current figures compare to  
  the previous period's and does a  
  prediction for the future period. 
  See how you key performance  
  metrics evolve over time and  
  compare metrics trends with 
  each other on one graph. 
  Drill down into the data to get the 
  info on your orders, products, 
  customers, traffic sources, shipping 
  fees, taxes, refunds and much more. 

How It Works

  SavvyCube lets you easily connect your data from  
  Magento, Google Analytics and PayPal, virtually  
  no technical knowledge is required. 
  SavvyCube loads your data into the secure cloud, 
  merges it together and creates your own data warehouse.  
  The data will be automatically updated for you further on. 
  SavvyCube creates an extremely simple 
  yet very powerful interface for your data, 
  which works beautifully across all major devices. 

Supported Platforms

Google Analytics
Coming soon:
Shopify, Apruve,
FBA, eBay, Volusion,
Stripe, PrestaShop,
and more!