Know your profitability

Know how your net profit relates to your revenue, refunds, cost, discounts, shipping, tax, and processing fees.

Learn what sells

Learn which products sell best and which bring most profit, which are often refunded, and which don't sell at all.

See who's buying

See which customers have spent the most, which are the most loyal, and which receive most refunds.

Get to see
the big picture

Take a quick glance at your key metrics and instantly see how your ecommerce business is currently doing and how it compares to its previous performance.

Start making
informed decisions

Keep track of how your sales performance evolve over time, detect trends by comparing metrics to each other on a graph.

Know your data on a granular level

Get quick reports on what products sell best, which customers are the most
paying, what traffic sources bring most sales, and much more.

Get your data connected

Sophisticated sofware that's super easy to use

SavvyCube connects directly to your data sources, because it analyzes your actual data, not tracked data.

SavvyCube loads and updates you data securely and automatically, getting you closer to data zen.

SavvyCube creates a very powerful, yet extremely simple interface for your data. Simple is beautiful.

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