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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription & Billing

When you sign up with the trial you get unlimited access to SavvyCube with no order number restrictions. At any point of the trial you can choose a subscription, but you will not be billed until your 30-day trial ends.

In case you sign up with SavvyCube by installing a Shopify app - you'll have to choose a pricing plan first, but you still get a 30-day free trial.

You can always cancel the subscription and delete your account along with you data via My Account page.
We don't do long term-contracts. Our plans are month-to-month. If you need a custom quarterly or yearly plan - let us know.

If you have an order volume spike going above your limit for one or two months - no need to upgrade, you can keep the current plan.

On the other hand, if you go above your order volume limit for three consecutive months, we'll ask you to upgrade you plan.

SavvyCube is great for agencies. You can connect any number of clients and clients’ data sources to SavvyCube, as long as the current monthly order volume across all clients’ stores is lower than your pricing plan's quota.
There are none. SavvyCube imports all your historical data for free with no limits. The orders per month restriction in you plan concerns only your ongoing monthly number or orders.

Getting Started

To start using SavvyCube you don't need to do any extensive configuration or set up. Once you sign up and connect your store - the data will start importing automatically. When the process is done, you can start using SavvyCube right away.

There are, however, a few things worth looking at to make sure everything is configured properly:

  • We highly recommend connecting your Google Analytics account to SavvyCube. This will allow you to get deeper insights into your data, and analyze your customer acquisition across marketing channels, countries, and devices.
  • Make sure that the revenue calculation formula corresponds to your preference. In SavvyCube you can choose which components you want to include or exclude from calculation of your revenue metric. This can be configured on the Settings page in SavvyCube.
  • Also, on the Settings page you can select which day of week - Sunday or Monday - to consider the first day of week (this will influence how your weekly metrics are calculated).
Yes you can! You can connect as many stores as you like. You can even connect your Shopify and Magento stores simultaneously. You'll be able to analyze each store individually, or view the combined analytics for them all.
SavvyCube recognizes when you have several stores in different currencies and lets you analyze those stores separately in corresponding currencies. You can view combined analytics for any number of stores, provided they are in the same currency.

In SavvyCube you can choose which components you want to include or exclude from calculation of your Revenue metric. This can be configured on the Settings page.

The default formula is as follows: Revenue = Subtotal + Shipping + Tax - Discount

When you are in SavvyCube, you can hover over a metric and you'll see a tooltip with its definition.