Product Analytics

Track how your products are performing. Learn which products are most profitable and which sell more often. Discover the products that are hurting your bottom line, and see if you can turn it around.

Product Analytics

Product metrics & KPIs

Watch your key product stats such as revenue, quantity sold, profit margin, and markup. Analyze how they relate and change over time.

Products Metrics & KPIs

Top performing products

Quickly see which products sell best, which bring most revenue or net profit. Recognize outliers or new interesting opportunities at a glance.

Top Products

Top performing categories

Get an idea on which product categories are most popular in your store.

Top Categories

Product types

View our product report by one of the three product types: simple products, configurable products, and bundle products. Get the sophisticated merchandising reporting that is hard to achieve with other tools.

Product Types

Product profiles

Product profiles give you in-depth insights into each product’s performance over a period of time. Discover how much revenue and net profit a product brought, and how much got refunded. See all the customers who bought this product, and view all the orders that contain that product.

Product Profiles