Shopify Analytics & Reporting

SavvyCube brings you modern analytics, reporting and forecasting tools to help you make smarter decisions and grow your sales.

Know big picture
at a glance

Our Shopify analytics lets you instantly see how your store is performing. Learn where your customers come from and how they shop. Quickly discover problems and opportunities.

Shopify Ecommerce Dashboard
Shopify Metrics

Track your KPIs.
See who buys what

Know your key success metrics such as revenue, net profit, and repeat purchase rate. See which products are selling and who's buying.

Get insights
and take action

Drill-down into your data, easily build customers and products segments. Our Shopify reports provide insights that empower you to make better decisions and run more effective marketing campaigns.

Shopify Advanced Reports

Getting started is easy


Step 1: Connect your
Shopify store

Install our official Shopify Analytics & Reports app and connect your store (or multiple stores) with one click.

Google Analytics

Step 2: Connect additional
data sources

Connect your Google Analytics account to get deeper insights into your conversion rates, sales funnel, and marketing channels.

Step 3: Start getting
actionable insights

You're all set! SavvyCube will keep automatically updating your data to provide the most current Shopify reporting.

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