Sales Analytics

Keep track of all purchases that happen in your store. Find out who placed an order, which products were bought, and where each sale came from.

Ecommerce Sales & Orders Report

Sales metrics & KPIs

See your most important sales metrics such as revenue, net profit, refunds, discounts, and more. Track their change and correlation over a period of time.

Sales Metrics & KPIs

Order tracking

Track each order that comes in. Immediately see who bought it, what products were in it, and how much revenue and net profit this order brought you.

Order Tracking

Revenue your way

Choose what you want your revenue numbers to signify. You can specify what should be included or excluded from the calculation of the revenue in your account.

Revenue Calculation

Net profit and COGS

SavvyCube pulls the COGS (cost of goods sold) data from your store and uses it to calculate one of the most important metrics you could be tracking – your net profit.

Net Profit

Profit margin

Profit margin helps your track which part of your overall revenue amounts to your net profit. This will help you to timely recognize any problems that are hurting your bottom line.

Profit Margin