Ecommerce Reporting

Drill-down into your data, slice-and-dice it by multiple dimensions, metrics, and attributes. Reduce time spent on finding information you need to make a merchandising, marketing, or business decision.

Advanced Reports

Advanced analysis

Advanced Reports is a collection of customizable ecommerce reports, that let you look at your sales data from different perspectives.

Advanced Reports

Drill-down into any dimension

You can drill-down into your data through multiple dimensions. This enables you to see how your business is doing and uncover what’s influencing its performance the most.

Drill-down into a product to see how it’s converting from different marketing channels. From there drill-down into a marketing channel to see which countries are bringing sales for a that product via that marketing channel. Pretty cool, right?

Drill-down Into Any Dimension

Filter down to the essence

Filter your ecommerce reports by dozens of metrics, attributes, and dimensions. Break though the data noise and get the insights that will actually help you better understand and run your business.


Add or remove fields

You can easily customize any ecommerce report by selecting which columns you want it to contain. You can choose from a large variety of metrics and attributes that are being pulled from Magento, Shopify, Google Analytics, and PayPal.

Manage Columns

Save or export your report

At any time you can save your custom report's configuration to My Reports, and also specify who will be able to see it. From now on you will never have to build the same ecommerce report twice again.

Save or export a custom report

Manage all your custom reports in one place

SavvyCube lets you see summarized metrics for all your custom reports. Get instant insights into any segment of your ecommerce business.

My Reports